Prayer to be said at Sunset


This prayer is to be said at the hour of the sun's setting. This is the time when we praise Kelemvor and thank him for his strength and glory, the power with which he protects the dead and ensures their safe transition through the veil of death. At sunset, we meditate on the coming darkness that hides from us the light of the new dawn of eternity, which every soul goes through at its appointed time.

At your personal shrine, light a candle, and then, from the candle, light your incense. Place the lit candle at the center of your shrine, in front of your image of Kelemvor. Place the incense in front of your candle, where its smoke will rise to join with the flame and help you focus on your prayer.

When you pray, choose the posture that best helps you focus on Kelemvor and your faith in him, whether that is kneeling or standing. For many people, prayer includes meditation, and so you should also ensure that whichever posture you choose, it is one that you can remain in comfortably when meditating on Kelemvor and your faith.


When you pray, remember that the most important thing is not the words you use, but the intent behind those words. Your evening prayer is a statement of your faith, your trust in Kelemvor to shelter and guide you, as he shelters and guides the dead. This should be a time of joy, as Kelemvor's strength and glory fill your thoughts and strengthen your faith.

This prayer is an example of how one would pray at sunset. While its words will be heard by Kelemvor, it is always best to speak to him in your own voice, with the words that most clearly express your faith.

Kelemvor, Great Guide
I bow before your glory.
As the sun sets, I trust in your glory to light the night.
I offer my praise and thanks for the greatness that is your strength.
May your strength shelter me, as it shelters the dead.
May your glory light my path, so I will not lose my way.
Kelemvor, I turn to you, trusting in you to protect and guide me.
As the darkness comes, I lean on you.
Be my strength and light,
And I will ever trust in you.