Prayer to be said at Sunrise


This prayer is to be said at sunrise, at the hour of dawn. This time is when we remember those who have passed on, and celebrate their lives, while meditating on the new journey they have embarked on, beyond the veil of death. This is also the time when we ask Kelemvor to help us by opening the way for our words to reach those who have passed ahead of us, so they know they are not forgotten.

At your personal shrine, light a candle, and then, from the candle, light your incense. Place the lit candle at the center of your shrine, in front of your image of Kelemvor. Place the incense in front of your candle, where its smoke will rise to join with the flame and help you focus on your prayer. If you have an image of the one your prayer is in memory of, place that image below your image of Kelemvor. If you have several you are praying for, place their images side-by-side, below your image of Kelemvor.

When you pray, choose the posture that best helps you focus on Kelemvor and those you love, whether that is kneeling or standing. Remember, your posture is a demonstration of your faith and devotion, to Kelemvor and to those who have passed before you.


When you pray, remember that the most important thing is not the words you use, but the intent behind those words. Your morning prayer is an offering in remembrance of those you love, who have passed on before you, and so its content should reflect your love for those in whose name you are praying, and your faith in Kelemvor as the one who will carry your words to the ones you love. Because of the intensely personal nature of the morning prayer, what we offer here is the morning prayer a priest would offer, praying for all those under his care, not merely for those he personally loves. It is not intended to be a prescribed personal prayer, as a priest's morning prayers are for the benefit of his entire congregation, not merely himself.

Remember, when you are praying for those you love, it is important to address them by name, not only for your sake, but for theirs as well. Your prayers are what carries your love and respect to them, and so you must use their names so that both you and those you love can benefit from your prayers.

Kelemvor, hear me as I come before you
I greet the sun, and remember those who have gone before.
Guide me, as you guide the dead.
Remember me, as you remember the dead.
As I remember those who have gone before,
Let my words reach them, so they know they are not forgotten.
Teach me, so I may guide others.
Lift me up, so I may reflect your glory.
Grant me the gift of your wisdom,
So I may be your messenger today.