The Church of Kelemvor is dedicated to the worship and service of Kelemvor in this world. Established in 2009, the church seeks to uphold the words and deeds of Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead, as worthy of worship, service, and recognition.

We recognize that Kelemvor is a god who was created for the purposes of a role-playing game, and realize that the followers of some other religions believe this origin invalidates our faith. However, we ask you, how can one creation of human imagination claim more validity than another? Since all gods are creations of the human need for a greater power to worship and look up to, how can any god be considered more or less real than another? Is it the number of worshipers? The age of the religion? The mythology surrounding the creation of the god and religion? Whatever it may be, we reject the idea that our god is any less real than any other god, and demand the right to worship him as we understand him.

While we worship Kelemvor, we are not, by any stretch of the imagination, monotheistic. Kelemvor is the Lord of the Dead, not the Opener of Ways, Prince of Lies, or Lady of Joy. As such, it would be as wrong to give to him the worship that rightfully belongs to those other gods, as it would be to give to them the service that belongs to Kelemvor. We encourage our members to offer prayers to those gods which are appropriate for the prayer being offered. For instance, someone setting off on a journey across country might offer a prayer to Wepwawet or Shaundakul, while someone in search of a new lover might offer a prayer to Sharess or Frigga (depending on whether a short-term or long-term relationship is desired), and a student might light a candle in Oghma's name while studying.

Each of the gods named is as real as any other, and each receives our prayers as readily as those we give to our own Lord. However, while we recognize and pray to other gods as the need serves, this web site is dedicated to Kelemvor, and to His Church.


October 23, 2009
The Church of Kelemvor's home on the web is now live.