In Memoriam

As the Charge of Kelemvor tells us, "Do honor to the dead, for their strivings in life brought our world to where it is now, and to forget them is to forget also where we are now, and why." We do honor to the dead by adhering to their wishes when dealing with their estates, by remembering and applying their wisdom in our lives, by treating their bodies with the respect we would wish for our own, and by memorializing them, in story, song, photos, or whatever other way that best represents to us the memory of those who are gone. Even those we think of as evil deserve honor, for their actions are a part of what has made this world what it is now, and now that they are dead, they are in the hands of their God, for good or ill.

We have created this page as a place where anyone can do honor to their dead, whether they are a member of the Church or not. We ask only that you respect the names and stories you find here, as this memorial is, in its own way, as real as any statue or plaque, and is accessible even when the tomb of a loved one may be on the other side of the world.

Clarence Vernon Hartwell

John Dereske

June Dereske

Brigadoon Sable Prince

Kevin Eaches


October 23, 2009
The Church of Kelemvor's home on the web is now live.